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With respect to Your health

The reliability of the results of your diagnostic tests is for us a basic goal and operating criterion of our laboratory. This is achieved by the selection of our medical equipment, the selection and training of our medical staff and the strict quality controls we carry out. Biogenix implements daily internal and external quality controls, in accordance with international standards.


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Our laboratory applies the most modern International Accreditation Protocols and consistently participates in a large number of programs to ensure and control the quality of our services, both at the European and international level. More specifically, specific external control procedures are followed, such as the monthly BIO-RAD EQAS program, while to ensure the quality of services and the results of medical examinations, we apply an internal control process with BIO-RAD Lyphocheck plus control and the ABX Minotrol 16 program for the hematology department.

Aimed at protecting your health and respecting human values, we are in full harmony with every good laboratory practice and we strive every day to ensure you high-level and reliable medical services.

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